Florida Responsible Vendors Act

FL Statute 561.702

Who: Vendors and their managers and employees

What : A course of instruction for vendors and their employees that must include subjects dealing with alcoholic beverages and may also include subjects dealing with controlled substances.

When: To qualify a s A Responsible Vendor, managers must complete the alcohol server managerial training course within 15 days of employment, and each non manager training course within 30 days of employment. All employees must complete and update course and exam once every 4 months.

Why: Besides protecting your investment, it encourages vendors to provide training to: eliminate the sale of alcohol to underage persons, reduce alcohol related fatalities, eliminate drugs in the workplace, be more responsible in their service of alcohol.

What is THE DEFINITION OF A Responsible Vendor?

A responsible vendor is any establishment that complies with the Responsible Vendor Act. This law went into effect on January 1, 1990. This is done with the hopes to reduce or eliminate the sale to and consumption of alcoholic beverages by underage persons, alcohol related deaths, accidents and injuries or any illegal drug activity on licensed premises.

Why should I become a Responsible Vendor?

Becoming a responsible vendor will leave you resting assured that your licensed establishment will be protected. The compliance with the act assures less frequency of illegal drug activity on your premises. Our training will provide increased awareness and additionally will allow you, the licensee to mitigate for the illegal acts of your employees, should they still take into effect. In 1998, the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco, by testimony of a special agent in a license suspension proceeding admitted that the minimum standard of care is in fact the Responsible Vendor Act. Did you know that it’s not only illegal to serve a minor, but to knowingly serve a known alcoholic as well? Our training will help reduce the chances of your staff serving someone they shouldn’t be serving. Did you know that illegal drug activity can shut your establishment down? JC Hospitality Consultants training can help avoid any of the above by training the staff on what to look for, by way of suspicious activity.